Key figures

Key figures to sum up Looping Group

  • 5.7 million visitors every year

    An average of 275,000 visitors per park

    Parks with 100,000 to 1 million visitors per year.

    Most Looping park visitors are families, in groups of 4 on average. The parks propose fun and educational experiences to visitors of all ages: small children, children, teenagers, parents and grandparents.

    Each park plays an important role in its region. Both indoor and outdoor, each park has a strong local brand and identity.

  • Operating in 8 countries

    The Group’s objective is to become the European leader of the regional theme park sector.

    Currently: 8 parks in France, 1 in Germany, 1 in the Netherlands, 1 in Switzerland, 3 in England, 1 in Spain , in Portugal and 1 in Croatia.

    Aquariums, animal parks, amusement parks and water parks: the Group focuses on 4 essential activities in the local leisure market.