Our commitments

To provide our customers of all ages an entertaining, unique and educational experience while focusing on safety, human, visitor satisfaction, value for money and respect for the environment.

Visitor satisfaction

All the Group’s employees share the same objective: providing visitors with fun, entertaining moments as a family. Visitor satisfaction is above all dependant on a quality welcome and a safe, easy visit.

Park teams are attentive to visitors’ needs before, during and after their visit. We consider all information requests and comments in a process of continuous improvement. We are also committed to providing our visitors with the best advice possible for their holidays or stays near our parks.

Customer experience

Our aquariums, animal parks, amusement parks and water parks are friendly places where all our visitors can be entertained, amazed, learn and have fun.

For a successful visit, we are committed to offering our visitors experiences full of emotions, discoveries and sensations. Our greatest reward is the smile of our visitors, children and adults alike.

Learning provided

The teams of the Looping Group parks strive to provide their visitors with an entertaining and rewarding recreational offer through new attractions, shows and animations, as well as new animals to discover. We make every effort to welcome visitors with all modern comforts, to guarantee a quality visit, safe attractions and the well-being of the animals.

As we have further respect for what we know and understand, the animal handlers and care workers are committed to raising the awareness of as many people as possible, and knowledge-sharing.

Proximity management

The men and women who manage the Group’s parks enjoy both independence and proximity management from the Senior management. This proximity management system is also employed by the park Managers with regards to their permanent and seasonal teams.

All employees receive an induction course and are trained in providing a good welcome to our visitors.

Environmental responsibility

Due to the vary nature of its activities, the Looping Group is committed to an eco-citizen approach which is supported and applied within its parks. Our teams are attentive to reducing energy and water consumption as well as waste production on the sites.

The well-being of the animals, respect and preservation of natural areas in the parks are also indicative of our commitment.

Development in synergy with our local areas and ecosystems

The economic development of our parks is inextricably linked to the tourism promotion of local destinations. Therefore we work with local bodies, cities, departments and tourism offices, but also SNELAC, a National French Syndicate for Attractions and Leisure and Cultural Spaces.

Beyond our participation in tourism promotion, we have a responsibility towards local areas as an employer, to guarantee sustainable, competent employment. We are positioned alongside communities in the development projects of the local areas we are established in.

To obtain more details about our actions, please consult our quality charter.

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