A wild park for all family

Opened in 1973, West Midland Safari Park is a unique park of 80 hectares combining animals and attractions near Birmingham.

It consists of a safari track 6 km, to go by car. Divided into two large parts, African and Asian, the animals that compose it are semi-free and come to visitors. The park hosts nearly 165 different animal species.

In addition to its safari, a pedestrian zone and attractions have been developed. We explore an African village, a trail of discovery with these different species of animals, a universe on the theme of the Ice Age, a dinosaur park with more than 40 life-size dinosaurs. At West Midland Park, the whole family is thrilled with its arcade play area, Sega Prize Zone, and for the little ones its boj giggly park!

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    150 species of animals

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    A unique experience between Africa and Asia

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    21 attractions

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