15 leisure parks with a regional base

Operating leisure parks is our core business, customer experience and visitor satisfaction our priority. Altogether, the parks in the Group welcome 4.3 million visitors a year. They have a common objective, shared by all our employees: providing visitors with fun, entertaining moments together as a family.

Our aquariums, animal parks, amusement parks and water parks are friendly places that are strongly rooted in their local regions. All our visitors, children and adults alike, can be entertained, amazed, learn and have fun.

As leisure park managers, we focus on all the different elements of our job; technical, marketing and sales, human, and financial, to ensure quality of service and profitability, while complying with rules related to the security of goods and people, and hygiene standards.

The success of our parks is dependent upon the men and women who manage them. They enjoy both independence and proximity management from the Senior management to achieve the dual objective of economic performance and attractiveness.

Highly attuned to our visitor’s needs, we are committed to offering new attractions, shows and animations, as well as new animals to discover.

The Group’s expertise is based on a local recreation offer that is diverse and complementary, at an affordable price. Our strategy in this field of activity is based on 2 pillars: internal growth through the development of the parks in our portfolio, the deployment of synergies and sharing of good practices; and external growth by integrating new parks whose owners and shareholders wish to transfer their assets while ensuring the sustainability of their projects.

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